Point Forecast Weather for Desert Backpack Weekend

For our friends at WBC North County Group. Enjoy the kick off of back packing season in San Diego County.

Weather forecasts as of Thursday, Feb 9, 2023 at around noon. Check back to verify if weather has changed or, save the “Point Forecast” links for Weather.gov.

Location Forecast Sat-Sun forecast.Weather.gov Mobile
Palo Verde Canyon Sa 63/45° Su 60° Point Forecast for Palo Verde Canyon map for Palo Verde Canyon
Goat Canyon Sa 63/42° Su 57° Point Forecast for Goat Canyon map for Goat Canyon
Inner Pasture Sa 61/38° Su 57° Point Forecast for Inner Pasture map for Inner Pasture
Domelands Sa 68/48° Su 61° Point Forecast for Domelands map for Domelands
Indian Hill Sa 61/41° Su 56° Point Forecast for Indian Hill map for Indian Hill
Clark Lake Sa 69/41° Su 66° Point Forecast for Clark Lake map for Clark Lake
Little Blair Valley Sa 58/37° Su 55° Point Forecast for Little Blair Valley map for Little Blair Valley

Map Sources: Apple Maps, Apple MapKit

3D Satellite Map of Anza-Borrego & Imperial County for WBC Desert Backpack 2023

Satellite Map

Standard Map

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