Secure Data using Firebase

  • Google offers a product for a RealTime database built on NoSQL with authentication.
  • Any type of data can be stored including latitude, longitude, or any other measured data.
  • An administrative front end could be made to search, and name metadata about objects.
  • Algorithms, such as trilateration can be calculated on Geo data, either in the cloud or in the browser

Example of Geo data stored in Firebase

  • See this map of US Counties.
  • The map is an admin view of US Counties with certain attributes
  • Use case is a customer would input colors and tags for each US county, then data in GeoJSON format was stored in a Firebase Realtime Database.
  • A mobile user could update a map and in real time a desktop user would have the same information.

Firebase + IOT


Given at least three circles, with known centers and radii, find the point closest to where they intersect.

Optimal solutions for a trilateration algorithm

  • A Javascript algorithm that takes three or more circles
  • Javascript is chosen because its portable enough to run in a browser, but if needed it can also be wrapped up into a cloud algorithm.


p1 = { x: 20, y: 20, z: 0, r: 32 };
p2 = { x: 70, y: 40, z: 0, r: 37 };
p3 = { x: 60, y: 70, z: 0, r: 35 };

Trilatertion Resources

Published Algorithms