2018 Outdoor Ethics Slides

  • Presented to the San Diego North Country Wilderness Basics Course, January 2018, PPT


Outdoor Ethics Orientation for Cub Scout Leaders

BSA Outdoor code

Outdoor Code

Outdoor Ethics at BSA

Outdoor Ethics for Cub Scouts

  • Know Before You Go
  • Choose The Right Path
  • Trash Your Trash
  • Leave What You Find
  • Be Careful With Fire
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Kind To Other Visitors


Leave No Trace



The Seven Principles

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  • Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Leave What You Find
  • Minimize Campfire Impacts
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Tread Lightly


Tread Lightly

  • __T__ravel Responsibly
  • __R__espect the Rights of Others
  • __E__ducate Yourself
  • __A__void Sensitive Areas
  • __D__o Your Part