Mapbox Styles

Mapbox delivers smooth, fast maps via vectors. Their design and architecture allows you to adjust the map, fonts and icons to your style or branding.

Mapbox Studio is a tool to design custom maps. The maps can fit your color or branding guidelines and are mobile ready when you have your look and feel all set and are ready for iOS and Android.

Mapbox Gallery is a great introduction into the power of what can be done with your own Styling.

Mapbox GL

Mapbox is built on Open GL. Basically, built upon technologies that make video games.

From Mapbox’s Glossary on GL

Mapbox GL is a vector rendering framework for highly customizable and responsive client-side maps. Maps render at a super high framerate and allow for dynamic styling.

Mapbox Styles out of the box

Mapbox has several Styles that you can start using right away. See either or the Styles API links for details