• Offline Map of Joshua Tree National Park. Download this app once and have access to roads and trails in the park.

  • After the initial download, no server is necessary. Your GPS will still work in the park . . . we tested it!!

  • What to see in the Park
  • Camping at Hidden Valley, Ryan, Sheep Pass, Black Rock, Indian Cove, Belle, White Tower, Jumbo Rocks, and Cottonwood Springs
  • Hiking on trails such as the California Riding & Hiking trail, Barker Dam trail, and Geology Road Tour
  • Grab and Go
  • 100% offline, after downloading you never have to sync map data
  • Iconography from the National Park Service
  • Terrain data from Open Digital Elevation Map
  • Privacy in mind
  • No servers that track your movements. The GPS data is local to your device
  • eπ Maps — “Hike responsible” since 2015. eπ Maps is powered by GL with high performance vector based maps built with Open Map Tiles.

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store


Joshua Tree iOS

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