Charts for the Ardent

Beneteau Oceanis 41, Ardent. Sailing out of Bellingham Yacht Club, summer 2020.


Online maps

Offline NOAA Charts

  • All sources are downloaded directly from, thereby ensuring the proper, authoritative maps are used. NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey notes apply: This chart display or derived product can be used as a planning or analysis tool and may not be used as a navigational aid.
  • You can also view the North Washington and Puget Sound Chart Catalog which has some interesting information.

NOAA Chart 18421

NOAA Chart 18431


NOAA Chart 16594

1 Download from and install on Avenza Maps. If Avenza Maps is already installed, tap link on iOS and it will automatically open. Avenza links will only work if the Avenza Maps app is installed. Note: The free version is limited to having three maps downloaded to the app at any one time.

2 Download from and install on MapTiler Mobile. Tap link on iOS and use Files app to transfer to iCloud. Then from MapTiler Mobile App: Maps > "+" > "Local File" > "Open .MBTiles on this device". MapTiler has a bug, so you’ll have to navigate to the region.

Offline Satellite Map

We have hand-processed the NAIP image data for the Puget Sound area, stitched them together using a custom imaging pipeline with a whole ton of FOSS4G.

Our Offline Satellite map for Mobile is made to plugin to Avenza Maps 1. The file sizes of Offline Satellite maps for mobile can be large, so use the smaller samples to test out and become familiar with Avenza Maps.

Offline GeoPDF

  • Matia Island sample 1, 1.6 MB. Use to test your setup of Avenza Maps.
    • Download size is 1.6 MB. Uses 4 MB of storage on iOS. Made with QGIS.

Offline Satellite

3D Map

This video shows an example of an Apple Flyover® from our prototype app called Project Bénéteau for Apple TV & iOS.

From Apple:

Take Flyover tours in Maps on iPhone

In the Maps app , you can fly over many of the world’s major landmarks and cities. Flyover landmarks are identified by the Flyover button on their information cards. Flyover cities are indicated by a circle with “3D” inside it next to their names in map view.