USGS Quadrangle of Lebanon, Oregon

  • Surveyed in 1911, this beautiful, historical topographic map from the U.S. Geological Survey & the State of Oregon shows bygone schools, and points of interest.
  • 25 ft contours, Scale of 1:31680


  • School No. 7
  • Gore
  • Spicer
  • Tennessee
  • Stoltz Hill
  • Crowfoot
  • Sand Ridge

Other interesting points of interest

  • Tallman
  • Peterson Butte
  • Albany Ditch
  • Southern Pacific RR (Woodburn & Natron Branch)
  • Southern Pacific RR (Lebanon Branch)
  • Southern Pacific RR (Lebanon and Crabtree Cut-Off)
  • Lebanon Chimney
  • 2 Dams on the Santiam River
  • A Windmill near Spicer
  • The Lebanon Canal is hatched and shows its route near Lebanon High
    • 97355-canal

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